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more ABOUT ME!

Hi! I'm Carson!

   You can always find Carson hard at work in the theatre. Whether he's putting the work into building a character as an actor, planning to achieve his artistic vision as a director, or even creating his very own new work as a writer/composer; he is a self proclaimed lover of the arts and creative soul.

   In May of 2023, he graduated from the University of Montevallo with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Musical Theatre where he was able to hone his craft and interests. His plan after the current contract he is on is to move to New York to further pursue his artistic endeavors.

   Born and raised in a small town called Arab, Alabama, Carson's interest in theatre was nurtured from a young age allowing his love for the craft to grow to a professional level where he strives to make this art form fun and accessible for all.

    Though he's an introvert and great listener, he is a true funnyman at his core who loves to make people laugh. He hopes he brightens up every rehearsal room he enters.


Some Fave Memories

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